2024 AGM

Annual General Meetings of HBT and HBBS - 20th February  2024 at 8pm at the White Rock Hotel

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings
Borough Bonfire Society will be held on Tuesday 20th February 2024 commencing at 8pm at The White Rock Hotel.  This year’s AGM will be in person, with the option of Proxy votes.  It is a traditional meeting with Chair & Treasurer reports, election of officers and election of captains.  

There is one Special Resolution under the HBBS Ltd Agenda to record the HBBS Top Table as being the HBT Top Table plus the Health and Safety Director.  Link to the full draft agenda is below.


In order to vote at the meeting you must be a fully paid-up member. If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, please let Sue our membership secretary have the form and the £15 subscription payment please. (Links here for membership info, and for the first time online membership forms can be generated from your phone and automatically emailed to Sue.)

Officer Nomination - including Director or Trustee Nomination

If you wish to stand for an Officer position, please complete the nomination form and email it to the Secretary, Jane Wickens, by midnight on 16th February 2024, or posted to arrive by then (whether printed and signed by your propser and seconder, or whether similarly done by email - see https://members.hbbs.info/governance/agms/nominate-officers


If you wish to stand as a Captain, You do not need to use the nominations form.  Just say you are interested in being a captain.  See above links.

AOB Items

If you wish to add an item to the Any Other Business section of the Agenda, please forward it to the Secretary by 13th February  2024 (one week in advance)

Please find:
1.      The AGM agendas – Charity & Ltd Company 

2.      Minutes of the 2023 AGM for approval - HBT and HBBS Ltd
3.      Accounts – Adoption of final 2022 accounts for HBT and HBBS Ltd, and presentation of the draft 2023 accounts for HBT and HBBS
4.      Officer nominations procedure
5.      Proxy voting form if you cannot attend in person and with someone to vote for you
6.      A list of captaincies with a nominal list of vacancies & unconfirmed Captaincies, and further information on captaincy roles can be found here (and the captaincy teams structure here in case it help). If you are unsure, please consider joining a captaincy team this year and seeing if your want to step up to be the vice captain this year and give the current captain a rest for a year or so!  You don;t need to be nominated to become a captain.

The agenda will be reissued if any society Officer nominations or AOB items have been received.

Any problems with the links in this AGM Notice then please ask website-support@hbbs.info