The Mosley Award background - the man who tried to stop it

Most of our history is on the public website.  More private history may feature here later!

1st Hastings Bonfire 1995 Recollections of Mr Max Mosley P.C. (who variously self-referred as Mozley, and was, perhaps later, Inspector Mosley

By Brian Gasson

After reading through the procedures agreed for Saturday October 14th 1995 this year it brought back my memory of what happened between myself (Fire Site Captain) and Trevors Jones (Fireworks Captain) and Mr Mozely P.C.

He was a big man, noted for his snap behaviour who was against Sussex Bonfire. This had been noted at a Lewes Sussex Bonfire Seminar that myself and others had attended.

Anyway, in the procedures for our first bonfire night it was stated that the fireworks were to be fired at the castle with an effigy on the beach, along with the bonfire, but, Trevor Jones decided to put them on the beach. There were more public than anticipated and with the fireworks now on the beach it meant that the rope barriers were too close to the site.

When Mr Mozely turned up he shouted that, “The bonfire can’t go ahead and why aren’t the fireworks in the castle as planned?” Trevor Jones explained that as there was a risk of fog, we had decided to put them on the beach.

He threatened to arrest us. Not once but three times, I think. But, I explained we couldn’t cancel as the effigy and bonfire could not be disassembled, plus all the people there could not be disappointed. 

Mr Mozely told us to get the people back and move the barriers. I said, “Thanks, I will do it.” He even agreed so “I felt a bit sorry for him!!”

The bonfire was lit and I told the societies to sit on the raised stones as that was where the barriers were. Up went the fireworks, then the effigy. What a great evening!

I was not upset in anyway. I got a buzz out of it. I was 25 years younger, then.


This, is my account, what he said to others, I can’t recall.