Memorial fireworks

Firework memorial shells on our bonfire night

At our annual beach bonfire in October, we have a section of our firework display that is dedicated to memorial and commemorative firework shells those who wish to remember someone special to them.

If you have a loved-one you wish to remember, then consider marking this with a memorial firework shell.

You can decide what message you want us to attach to the firework shell before it goes in the mortar tube.  (See photo below.)

In 2021, the memorial shells were all set off one after the other in the middle of the show, just preceded by a heart shaped firework.  I'd imagine 2023 will be similar, but the final details of the display order are still being worked on.  There is a possibility that many/all memorial shells will be heart-shaped this year - tbd

Please think if you can form a 10 word memorial message.  Alternatively you may just want the name of the person to be remembered.  We will print it out and glue it on, and within a couple of days of the event we will send you a photo of it just before it was loaded into the mortar.  

What we do is print off your memorial message and attach it to the firework.  We'll send you a photo of the firework in situ (well, at the top of the mortar so you can read it) before it goes up in a memorial section in the middle of the display.  Last year this started with a heart-shaped firework to mark the start of the memorial shells.

We ask for £10 for a memorial shell, whether from society members or the general public. Further donations are always welcome!  The funds help towards our firework wholesaler costs.

This is run by Renegade Pyrotechnics limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBBS

Further information on our firework team is on our HBBS fireworks page, including other firework services we can offer for your own private events, school events, weddings, bah mitzvahs, 4th July's, big birthdays, surprises just for fun...