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Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Rules

We are part of a long tradition of Bonfire in Hastings and East Sussex. We are proud of this heritage and strive to maintain high standards. To this end we have definite expectations of our members.


• Under no circumstances must anybody go ANYWHERE near the net sheds or the Cyril and Lilian Bishop with a torch, whether lighted or not! Offenders will be dealt with promptly

• At the end of the procession we throw our torches onto the fire together. Do not throw your torch onto the fire until signaled to do so, normally after the Bonfire Chant

Fire-Site Safety

First Aid

Trained first aiders (St John Ambulance) will be in attendance along with marshals and members of the emergency services who should be made aware if you require medical attention. The Tri-arg medical centre is located at the west end of George Street.

Emergency Services

The emergency services are there to help us put on a safe and well organised event as well as to protect us and members of the public. The directions of the emergency services must be followed, even if this deviates from our original plans. It is the job of the officers of the Society to liaise with all the emergency services and make any decisions that need to be made. Please comply with these decisions/directions.

Out-meetings and other Events

2. If your issue is unresolved: Speak to the relevant Captain / Membership Secretary / Health & Safety Officer / vice chair

3. If your issue is unresolved: Speak to a member of the ‘Top Table’ (Chair / Secretary / Treasurer)

4. If your issue is unresolved or if it concerns a member of the ‘Top Table’ (Chair / Secretary / Treasurer) write to the Directors and Trustees of the Society c/o the registered address at the bottom of this page.

Misconduct and Bringing the Society into Disrepute

HBBS welcomes everyone and operates an inclusive policy and expects tolerance to all

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